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How To Track Speed Post

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Speed Post or Bhartiya Dak or India Post services as it is more commonly known in India is a domestic courier service which began its operation in the year 1986. It was initiated by the Department of Posts in India. Fast delivery of letters, parcels, documents, gifts, articles and various other merchandise is guaranteed with Speed Post and not only in India but across the globe, anywhere in the world.

Speed Post offers its customers a chance to keep track of all their shipments and couriers sent through their services. This keeps the customers abreast of the delivery status or even the current status and also the current location of whatever item they have sent through Speed Post.

How Are Articles And Shipments Tracked Through Speed Post?

Every shipment, article or consignment sent through Speed Post has a special number which is known as the Tracking Number. This particular Tracking Number can be used to track the current status of all Speed Post courier items. The Tracking Number can be found easily on all the postal booking receipts handed over to all customers on the booking and payment of their consignments.

What can be tracked?

The tracking system for India Post is updated at regular intervals to provide all latest statuses to their customers. Using the tracking system customer can track

  • The date of the booking of the consignment
  • The date of the item’s dispatch and its receiving date at various locations during its delivery journey
  • The date of item delivery
  • The date of the issuance of the Delivery Intimation Notice which specifies to a customer when his item is available for delivery

Speed Post offers its customers two ways to track all their shipments and consignments.

Online Speed Post Tracking

Speed Post provides its customers the opportunity of online tracking of their consignments. The customers have to use their special Tracking Number to track the current status, location of their consignments. The Tracking Number is a special alphanumeric key of 13 digits in all which has to be entered on the Tracking page of the homepage of India Post at the following link http://www.indiapost.gov.in/Tracking.aspx . all one has to do is enter their Tracking Number in the box provided on the page and hit Go and receive the current status of their consignments.

SMS Tracking

This service allows customers to check the status of their consignments via SMS. To avail this service all one has to do is type SP <followed by a space> Speed Post Tracking Number and send the message to 55352.

India Post Tracking Numbers are provided as e.g. xxxxxxxxxxxxxin (the xxxx can have both numbers and letters followed by “in”). In case of Speed Post Tracking the “in” does not have to be entered.

The SMS service is not case sensitive so the message can be sent in any case.

If a customer faces any problems regarding the Speed Post tracking he or she can always contact the India Post customer care center for further information regarding his queries.

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