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IBPS Banking Exams to be conducted online

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It was only last year that the responsibility for conducting bank exams for recruitment was given over to IBPS. After successfully conducting exams last year, IBPS has come out with a huge shocker for candidates who are preparing to sit for exams at the end of this year or early next year.

IBPS has announced that from now on, exams will be conducted online. Thus, you will have to click your answers on a computer than mark them in an OMR sheet. The decision has of course raised quite a bit of hue and cry among aspiring candidates.

Currently, only the CAT exam is conducted online in India. Starting next year, common engineering exam will also be conducted online. Let’s look at IBPS’s latest decision closely and see why some sections of aspiring candidates are so concerned.

Positives and negatives of online banking exams

Although the shift from paper to computer is quite significant, IBPS has kept the format of bank exams virtually the same. Thus, like last year, there will be five sections which will test your quantitative aptitude, logical ability, reasoning ability, computer skills, and English language skills. The marking system has also been kept the same. There will be negative marking of 0.25 marks for ever wrong answer.

Cons of online IBPS bank exams

  • The less privileged will be at a disadvantage- A lot of less privileged students sit for IBPS clerk common written exams. The exams going online will be a big disadvantage for these less privileged kids. Most students from such sections of society do not have access to a computer. Thus, they might not be comfortable with attempting an exam on a computer. However, to even the playing field, IBPS has said that it will provide special computer training to less privileged candidates.
  • The system lacks transparency- The score you get in written exam will be normalized using a scientific equation. It is done to even out the score between different batches taking the exam. Although normalization of scores is a global procedure, the system lacks transparency.

Advantages of online IBPS exams

  • Beneficial for candidates with disabilities- Online exams are very beneficial for candidates with disabilities. Computers can always be customized easily to suit the different needs of differently abled candidates.
  • Results are out faster- Online system always makes it easy for test takers to evaluate answer sheets. All they have to do is enter the answer key in a computer and it’s done. Of course, it also eliminates chances of human error too.

Tips for IBPS online exams

  • Practice on a computer- Although it may sound simple, it is necessary to practice test taking on a computer. Make sure you practice well enough before the exam date.
  • Don’t panic- Even though it might be the first time you are taking a test online, there is no need to panic. The exam pattern is the same, so there is nothing to worry about.
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