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CTET July 2013 Exam, Syllabus and Exam Pattern

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CTET is a Central Teachers Eligibility Test for teaching at school level. The pattern of eligibility test assures one of no negative marking. The candidate needs to give two tests. Paper 1 is meant for prospective teachers who wish to take up teaching of students from class one to class five. And the second paper is meant for teachers who wish to teach students from class six to eight. There are some teachers who wish to teach students at all levels; in this case they need to give both Paper 1 and Paper 2.

CTET Exam Syllabus 2013

Thirty questions are included in paper one. Paper on Child Development deals with topics like “Child Development at primary level in schools”, “Concept of Inclusive education and understanding children with special needs” and “Learning and Pedagogy”. Language paper comes with language comprehension and Pedagogy of language development. One gets an idea of principles behind speaking and listening in which a language is taught. Here two one gets to know the amount one puts in to teach in different environment.

The second language paper comes with questions based on a comprehension. Fifteen questions are based on pedagogy of language development and pedagogical issues. Paper on mathematics is divided into content and pedagogical issues. The content section in mathematics is focused upon geometry, solids around as, geometry, numbers and remedial teaching etc. Here too is a study of weight, data handling, shapes and spatial understanding, measurement, division, patterns, money, weight, multiplication and division, addition and subtraction. Under pedagogical issues one gets to know about problems in teaching, diagnostic and remedial teaching. Language of mathematics, community of mathematics, error analysis and related speech, questions on formal and informal method of teaching and problems of teaching are taken up in this section.

Environmental issues too are discussed in these papers.

A lot can be gleaned from NCERT textbooks.

Paper 11 is also divided into almost similar pattern and with further sub-divisions to it. Focus on the Child Development and Pedagogy paper is on educational psychology involved both in teaching and learning. Psychology of different learners is taken into account. Much focus is laid on the medium in which knowledge is imparted.

Pattern of CTET July Exam 2013

Multiple choices are the pattern of CTET test. Each question is followed by four answers and the candidate has to choose the right answer. Every question carries one mark each.

All questions are compulsory thereby leaving no choice to the students. One and a half hour paper 1 carries a total of 150 marks. Child Development and Pedagogy section has 30 questions to it. Language 1, Language 11, Mathematics 30 and Environmental Studies also come with thirty questions each to them.

Paper 11 is also for duration of one and a half hour. Child Development & Pedagogy, Language 1 (compulsory) and Language 11 (compulsory) come with 30 questions each. Mathematics and Science, Social Studies and Social Science come with 60 questions each.

Both paper 1 and 11 are given at different times.

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