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Salary of Indian Forest Service (IFS) Officers

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Indian Forest Service

Indian Forest Service is one of the reputed and prestigious government jobs which almost every government job seeker aims at, because the job holds a nice amount of emoluments together with dignity.

The category of Indian Forest Service abbreviated as IFS OR IFOS is defined under the scope of All India Service(Abbreviation: AIS). Indian Police Services and Indian Administrative Services serves as the two most widely known and renowned All India Services. Since, Indian Forest Service ambits under AIS therefore, the officers of these services are fixed to their designations by the President of India after undergoing an All India Examination organized by  UPSC namely Union Public Service Commission.

On the other hand, as far as the appointment of IAS and IPS officers is concerned it is made through UPSC’S common Civil Services Examination, though the IFoS are appointed through a segregated exam named as Indian Forest Service Examination. Imperial Forest Service is the predecessor of IFoS which was brought into existence in 1867( colonial era) by the government of Britain. Later it was renamed as All India Services by the Indian Constitution. The service accommodates in itself intense power, dignity, and responsibility. Protection of Environment , to conduct forest activities in appropriate areas, fulfillment of the needs of  forest dwellers are some of the activities listed under these services.

Salary of Indian Forest Service Officers

The pay scale of Indian Forest service ranges widely between Rs.16000 at the initial level(Junior Time Scale) to Rs.80000 at the top most level( Principal Chief conservator)

IFS officers are currently paid as per the provisions of Sixth Pay Commission. The pattern of salary payable to officers is as follows:

1. Junior Time Scale: The salary ranges between Rs.15,600 to Rs. 39,100  with a  maximum in hand salary of about  Rs. 51000 with a grade pay of  Rs.5400 This is the initial stage of  the service wherein the officers stay for approximately 2 years.

2. Senior Time Scale: It is the first promotional level for IFoS officers with no alteration in designations having the pay scale as 15600- 39100 Rs. with grade pay as Rs. 6600. Further, the officers at this level become quite familiar with the regular functioning of forest department.

3. Junior Administrative Grade: This is the level wherein the actual job begins with inclusions of some secretarial responsibilities. The level has a pay scale as 15600-39100 Rs. With 7600 Rs. as  Grade Pay.

4. Deputy Conservator of Forest (Selection Grade): This is more of dignity, reputation oriented grade, wherein the officer gets to experience numerous powers, managing activities relating to entire forest is one of such kind. The grade has pay scale as  37400-67000 Rs. with  Rs. 8700 as Grade Pay.

5. Conservator of Forests: This level has a  grade pay of  Rs. 8900 together with  regular pay ranging between Rs. 37400 to Rs. 67000.

6. Chief Conservator of Forests: This serves the part of the most renowned field jobs in connection to environmental jobs in India. The pay schedule ranges between Rs. 37400 to Rs. 67000.

7. Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests: As per the recommendations of Sixth Pay Commission salary starts incrementing steeply from this level, wherein it ranges between 67000- Rs.79000

8. Principal Chief Conservator of Forests: This level secures the second position from the top in the department of forestry and environment, with its salary ranging between Rs. 75000-Rs.80000

9. Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Chief of Forestry Department of a state): This is the top level designation with a fixed salary of Rs. 80000.

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